Internet, email and digital marketing

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Internet, email and digital marketing

I Marketing, E marketing and D Marketing is actually most cases observe and understand it as an improvement integrated marketing communications. In this sense, marketing through social networks represents part of promoting integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing communications are a way / principle which specific organizations or companies are trying connect and focus on your target market and coordinate all parts of the promotional mix: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, publicity.

Social networks
ocial networks (social networking sites) are therefore relatively new phenomenon in the Internet sphere. Social networks are online communities that normally share common interests and activities, and provide a variety of technologies interaction, blogs, instant messaging, newsfeeds, etc. It is about free online service that allows users hear a various forms of communication with the world with an application and own presentation.

Social networks today is used by hundreds of millions of people, and besides those neutral (general use). In general, when certain users access social network create your profile. User descriptions of their interests, activities, knowledge…

Profile contains a variety of demographic data

Once a profile is set, users communicate with other members social networking friends who share the same or similar interests and activities.

How are social networks incurred?

Social networks have evolved from communication via news group or forum that is one of the first forms of Internet socializing and Internet discussions. Later develop chat applets (eg. Skype), and alone forums who today are still current.
The development of technology, and increasing connection speeds, evolved and social networks and have become one of the the most common forms of communication.

The most popular social networks

• Facebook is the most popular networks in the world. Almost no politician, actor person who does not have a profile on Facebook.
• YouTube is one of the first social network, created for the Facebook.
• Twitter Conceived as a social networking site and is great for those who want to be informed briefly by people they know or respect.
• Flickr social network tailored to those League Update your photos
• Internet radio networks
• Business-oriented LinkedIn social network is mainly used for business linkage.
• MySpace network similar to Facebook, over 100 million members, is the largest

Facebook surpassed rival, founded in 2006.

The purpose of the creation and use of social network

Content Open

Users of social networks create your own little world of friends connected by common concerns and interests. Tom fact was recently used and which marketing carefully created promotional campaigns of its products and services are the target audience. You are not on Facebook? Young people today such behavior denote like bad. Provide information, persuasion and connection are the basic premises social networks, and of course adequate access to the Internet.

Currently, 900,000 adult Facebook users in Croatia, and when one adds teenagers, the number is significantly higher (1,400,000). Via Facebook you can to arrange meetings, birthday parties, organizing protests, exchanging scripts and homework, advertising, etc. so we can say that he is present in almost every social segment. Information, persuasion and connecting three basic postulates Facebook.

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